Cleaner Shrimps Rule!

What symbiotic relationships does the Cleaner Shrimp have with other organisms?

The Cleaner Shrimp is part of one of the most well known symbiotic relationship of the world. Cleaner Shrimps have symbiotic relationships with fish. The shrimps set up cleaning stations on coral reefs and wait for a fish to come by or attract one using their antennae. When a fish appears the shrimp climbs on to it and cleans it by eating all the parasites and dead skin off the fish. Since the shrimp benefits by getting food and the fish benefits by getting cleaned it is a Symbiotic Relationship! Also certain types of Cleaner Shrimps have symbiotic relationships with the sea anemones that they live in-the anemone gets cleaned of parasites and the shrimp gets food.


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