Cleaner Shrimps Rule!

                                                                  Biotic and Abiotic Factors

Biotic Factors

·         Other Marine wildlife (both dead and alive)

·         Algae and Bacteria

·         Coral

·         Seaweed

·         Driftwood

Abiotic Factors

·         Rocks

·         Sand

·         Water

·         Temperature

·         Salinity

·         Oxygen

·         Sunlight

What is the Habitat of the Cleaner Shrimp?

The common habitat of the Cleaner Shrimp is in the warm and shallow waters of coral reefs. The shrimps live on the brightly coloured coral where their bright patterns can stand out! They live amongst the other fish and wildlife of the ocean. Sometimes the shrimps may live under rocks or in abysses.

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