Cleaner Shrimps Rule!


How do Cleaner Shrimps feed?

Firstly the Cleaner Shrimp attracts a fish. Then it uses its complex mouthparts to nibble all over the skin of the fish. Next it uses brush-like claws to comb over the fish’s skin. Finally it nibbles the dead skin and parasites that it collected off its claws. If there aren’t any fish around, the Cleaner Shrimp will search and scour the sea floor and surrounding coral for tiny marine animals to munch on!

What do Cleaner Shrimps eat?

Cleaner Shrimps are omnivorous crustaceans because they eat plants and zooplanktons. Their main diet includes: Zooplankton, dead skin, parasites and marine plants. They feed off the skin of any fish that pass by and will even clean the teeth of any scuba divers. They set up special cleaning stations where they can serve their “customers”.


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